The Best Smoky Shadow Look For Brown Eyes

Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Brown might be considered the luckiest eye color of them all since it can pull off nearly every eye shadow hue under the sun. But since not all occasions call for bold and bright shades, take a cue from Rachel Bilson, whose eyes looked so gorgeous on the 2011 Teen Choice Awards red carpet, you'll never again reach for a different color to make your eyes pop.

To contrast the actress's prim, white Chloe frock, Amy Nadine, celebrity makeup artist for Victoria's Secret Beauty, opted to give Bilson a stronger eye with a little edge.

"I went a little more dramatic by applying a bronze-colored loose powder shadow all over her lids and in the crease, using my ring finger instead of a brush," says Nadine. "Then I outlined the lashline and waterline with VS Eyeliner in Black Velvet ($12, to anchor everything, and followed with two coats of VS Triple Drama Mascara in Blackest Black ($14,, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second."