Who Wore it Best: Jennifer Lopez or Julianne Hough?

Rachel Zoe must be going ba-na-nas.

Back in June the celebrity stylist flipped out when Jennifer Lopez, 42, was photographed in Paris wearing a white tuxedo dress that Zoe designed for her debut collection.

"Seeing Jennifer Lopez in the tuxedo dress was one of the most surreal and exciting moments of my entire career," the reality TV star gushed. "I said, 'When I see a total stranger wearing my clothes, that's going to be amazing.' When I see anybody wearing my clothes — that's going to be amazing, but that was on a whole other level of insanity."

And on Wednesday night, Hollywood's latest "it" girl Julianne Hough, 23, rocked the same style in black to the New York City premiere of Footloose.

Both stars paired the super short dress with matching shoes and a clutch, but which one wore it best?

Who wore Rachel Zoe's tuxedo dress best?


Who wore Rachel Zoe's tuxedo dress best?

Jennifer Lopez
Julianne Hough
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