Move over, Victoria Beckham -- another British pop star is poised to stake her claim in the world of fashion!

According to her official Twitter account, X Factor champ Leona Lewis, 25, spent February 1 "designing outfits for Grammy week! Picking fabrics, so fun."

She debuted her first look -- a black pencil skirt with a midriff-baring top -- at Justin Bieber's Never Say Never premiere in L.A. on February 8. Two days later, she wore an aqua and purple combo at EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund event in Beverly Hills. Lewis unveiled her final creation, a neon yellow bra and a pink skirt, at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards gala in Beverly Hills on February 12.

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Would You Wear Leona Lewis' Clothing Designs?

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Would You Wear Leona Lewis' Clothing Designs?