Alicia Silverstone Reunites With Clueless Costar Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory

Alicia Silverstone Reunites With Clueless Costar Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory

Rolling with the homies indeed!

Seventeen years after he made moviegoers cringe as cocky Elton in Clueless, Jeremy Sisto is set to reunite with his former costar and pal Alicia Silverstone on Wednesday's episode of ABC's Suburgatory.

Though they were at odds in Clueless, Sisto, 37, and Silverstone, 35, can't get enough of each other in this clip from the all-new episode.

Sparks fly when single dad George (Sisto) meets Eden (Silverstone) at a farmer's market and the pair strike up a flirty banter. Though Eden declines George's offer for a cup of coffee, she decides to "do him one better" and treat him to a vitamin-rich smoothie.

"I'm clueless when it comes to this health crap," Sisto admits to Silverstone, who appeared as Cher in the cult hit. "Just so you know: If I wasn't trying to impress you, there's no way this would touch my lips."

Later, Eden is forced to play nursemaid when her date has a bad reaction to his smoothie and she can't apologize enough to George, who brushes off the incident. "It's good. I convulsed on your shoulder, I wheezed in your lap -- I feel like we know each other know," he says.

As the legions of Clueless fans gear up for Silverstone and Sisto's on-screen reunion, Amy Heckerling, the director of their 1995 flick, tells Us Weekly she's also making Wednesday's episode appointment television.

"I cannot wait to see it," Heckerling told Us at a screening of The Raven in New York City Monday. "Their chemistry of hating each other [in Clueless] was so wonderful, so I can't wait to see how they act when they like each other.  They work so well."

Watch more of the duo's flirty antics in the clip above before the full episode of Suburgatory airs Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. (EST) on ABC.