American Idol: Did Phillip Phillips Deserve to Win?

After a record 132 million votes cast, the winner of American Idol 2012 is...Phillip Phillips!

Beating out 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez for season 11's title, the 21-year-old Leesburg, Ga., pawn shop worker took home a contract with 19 Recordings and a brand new Ford car for his efforts.

Though she stumbled during her final judged Idol performance -- of her intended first single "Change Nothing" -- Sanchez also proved to be a clear standout during the season, and won raves from supporters including Steven Tyler, who declared her his favorite going into the finale.

"I'm kind of relieved that this whole thing is over, but I'm also going to miss everybody here," Sanchez told reporters backstage after Phillips was named the new champ. "I really think that Phillip deserves to win and I'm so happy for him."

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Did Phillip Phillips Deserve to Win?


Did Phillip Phillips Deserve to Win?

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