Anna Kendrick's Hilarious "Non-Super Bowl" Ad For Newcastle Brown Ale: Watch Here!

Entertainment Jan. 30, 2014 AT 7:25PM

Fans chomping at the bit for Pitch Perfect 2 can bide their time with this! Anna Kendrick stars in one of the funniest pre-released Super Bowl commercials yet. Well, technically it can't even been considered a Super Bowl commercial. 

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In the clip, Kendrick, 28, is pissed that Newcastle Brown Ale lost its money for the Super Bowl commercial she was hired for. 

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"So I'm back to doing indie cred stuff, which is great, but you can't stuff indie cred down a stripper's G-string," she joked while getting groomed by a hairstylist in front of a mirror.  

"I was surprised that I even got offered the part, because I don't think of myself as like beer commercial babe hot," she muses. "I mean, I'm hot, but like approachable hot, like the hottest girl in your improv class hot. Like hot to the kind of guys who feel bad calling a girl hot. But like beer commercial hot? No. But I love a challenge."

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The Into the Woods star spouts plenty of bleeped-out expletives before throwing her hands up, shouting "Suck it!," and walking out. A six pack of Newcastle Brown Ale is then placed before the camera with the slogan, "Newcastle: No Bollocks."

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