Author Bret Easton Ellis Compares Glee to "Puddle of HIV"

Entertainment Apr. 14, 2011 AT 12:06PM
Author Bret Easton Ellis Compares Glee to "Puddle of HIV" Credit: Fox; Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

As an acclaimed, best-selling author, Bret Easton Ellis should understand the power of the written word.

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"I like the idea of Glee, but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I've stepped into a puddle of HIV?" the literary icon asked his nearly 142,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday.

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The 47-year-old American Psycho author was then bombarded with criticism for his off-color remark, but instead of apologizing, Ellis continued to fan the flames.

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"No, I wasn't drunk last night," he tweeted on Wednesday. "I was watching Chris Colfer singing 'Le Jazz Hot' and felt like I had suddenly come down with the hivs."

Golden Globe winner Colfer, 20 -- and the rest of the Glee cast -- have yet to respond to Ellis' comments.

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