Is Chris Soules the one Ashley I. has been waiting for? During the second episode of The Bachelor's 19th season, set to air Monday, Jan. 12, the New Jersey-based nanny reveals to fellow contestants Mackenzie and Megan that a) she's never had a boyfriend, and b) she's a virgin.

As seen in the clip above, Mackenzie is immediately envious of Ashley I.'s chastity, telling her that Soules will love it -- and may even keep her around longer because of it. "Every guy likes it," the 21-year-old dental assistant insists. "Because guys like taking your virginity."

Later, in a confessional, Mackenzie says she wishes she were in the same boat. "When Ashley told me she was a virgin, I was like, 'Seriously?' I'm so jealous," she admits. "I can't even use that because I have a kid."

Ashley I., 26, isn't entirely convinced that it gives her an advantage, but Mackenzie continues to insist she's got a leg up on the competition.

"I'm so jealous that you have this," she says. "You're super pretty, you have a good personality, and you're a virgin...You have to tell him. I wish I was in your shoes...He's gonna be like, 'I want to take her virginity.'"

But is that what Ashley I. wants? "Obviously I hope Chris is that guy," she tells the cameras. "But I need my opportunity, my time, to rise to the top."