Blake Shelton Spoofs Bachelor Chris Soules in "Farm Hunk" Skit on Saturday Night Live: Watch the Clip Now!

He’s just a “Farm Hunk” looking for love! On Jan. 24, Saturday Night Live took advantage of having country boy Blake Shelton as both a host and musical guest. In the “Farm Hunk” sketch, Shelton spoofed current Bachelor and Iowa farmer Chris Soules. 

“There’s so many beautiful girls here, but tonight I have to send three of them home,” he began. “Probably the two black girls plus one of the curly haired girls.”

He proceeded to spend some one-on-one time with the ladies, who continuously interrupted one another with the common Bachelor phrase, “Sorry, can I steal him for a sec?”

What followed was a series of common Bachelor stereotypes like the girl who “loves” everything the Bachelor says, the girl who brings gifts based on what he likes, and the girl with the tortured past. 

Cast member Aidy Bryant had some of the best lines, which included her emotional breakdowns. 

“I’m glad we’re getting some sexy alone time because I’m ready to… [sobs] I’m sorry my dad is dead! He died 10 years ago and I’m really messed up about it!” she exclaimed. 

Watch the clip to see how the rest of the dates go!