Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas on Scary Threats: "Who Cares?"

Entertainment Nov. 23, 2010 AT 8:59AM
Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas on Scary Threats: "Who Cares?" Credit: REUTERS/ABC/Adam Larkey/Handout

Controversial Dancing with the Stars finalist Bristol Palin isn't sweating her venomous detractors.

"I just let whatever they say roll off my back," Palin, 20, told after Monday's final performance show. (The winner is crowned Tuesday night.) "I don't let them distract me from this competition."

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Among the anti-Bristol "haters": one Wisconsin man blasted his TV with a shotgun last Tuesday after she made it through to finals; over the weekend, an envelope containing a mysterious white powder, allegedly addressed to Palin, arrived at DWTS studios. (The powder was later identified as harmless talcum powder)

"Whatever," her pro partner Mark Ballas told Us. "A little bit of baby powder. Who cares?"

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The couple scored the lowest on Monday's show (Jennifer Grey nabbed a perfect 60), but told Us they're pleased with their Broadway routine.

"I think we did well tonight and that showed," Palin told Us.

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Why should Palin nab the mirrorball trophy on Tuesday? "Because we've worked our butts off!" she said. "I feel really confident in our dances. I am very happy."

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