Britney Spears Reveals Her Fave Starbucks Drink

Entertainment Feb. 10, 2011 AT 5:29PM
Britney Spears Reveals Her Fave Starbucks Drink Credit: Flynet

Ever wonder what Britney Spears orders during her frequent Starbucks runs?

During a Twitter Q&A with her fans on Thursday, the 29-year-old "Hold It Against Me" singer revealed her favorite drink from the popular coffeehouse.

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"I love their strawberry frappuccino," Spears shared.

Other surprising revelations from the pop superstar? "I've always wanted to do trapeze," she wrote. "And run with the lions."

Silly trivia aside, Spears promised that she's outdone herself on her forthcoming album, Femme Fatale (in stores March 29).

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"I would describe it as moody, edgy pop with A LOT of energy," she tweeted. "I co-wrote a couple of songs. I think it's some of the best work I have ever done."

As for any collaborations, "you'll just have to wait and see," Spears teased.

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But music isn't the only thing the singer has on her mind. "I love to act and would love to be in a Todd Phillips or Judd Apatow movie," Spears, who made her big screen debut in 2002's Crossroads, told fans.

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