Cameron Diaz, SNL Women Record Funny New Music Video "Back Home Ballers": Watch Now, Plus See the Annie Skit!

No one's a girl's girl more than Cameron Diaz, so when The Other Woman star, 42, hosted the Nov. 22 episode of Saturday Night Live, she rounded up the ladies for a new music video. In "Back Home Ballers" the same ladies who brought you "(Do It On My) Twin Bed" head home for Thanksgiving where they're treated like queens by their parents. 

"'Cause I'm a back home baller, if I want something I just holler," the ladies sing. "I do what I want and I get what I want 'cause my parents miss their daughter!"

The women wore big hair, fur hoodies, and purple lipstick for the hip-hop song, which also featured a rap by Leslie Jones.

Diaz, who stars in the upcoming Annie remake, also reprised her character Miss Hannigan in the "New Annie" sketch on the NBC comedy show. Wearing a black bra and revealing leopard-print top, she jokingly order the "orphans" around. 

Jay Pharoah arrived, pretending to be Jamie Foxx looking for "Black Annie." New featured player Jones portrayed the "little girl," who was still an orphan at age 43. 

Watch the clips and tell Us: Did Cameron Diaz do a good job hosting SNL?