Christian Bale: If I Weren't an Actor "I'd Go Nuts!"

Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

This would be different how?

Christian Bale has a reputation for being a little bit crazy, but at last night's SAG Awards he told that if he weren't an actor he'd "probably go nuts!"

"I got into the business early, too early," says the star who took home the best supporting actor statue for his work in The Fighter. "I knew I had an addiction to it and there was that element of getting to walk in other people's shoes. I find it fascinating."

Had entertaining not worked out, The Dark Knight actor, who turned 37 last night, said he might have become a detective. "That's what I enjoy-- studying people endlessly without having to apologize."

In 2009 Bale made headlines when an audio tape of his rant on the set of Terminator Salvation went viral. In the tirade, Bale lambasted the director of photography, who had walked on to a shot and broke the actor's concentration.

Last night, however, Bale had nothing but glowing things to say of the cast and crew of The Fighter. "I really look at any award as a domino effect," he said. "It’s a collective effect, always."