Colombo Star Peter Falk Dies at 83

Credit: Bob Riha Jr/

One of TV's most indelible gumshoes has passed away.

Actor Peter Falk died Thursday night at his home in Beverly Hills, California's KTLA reports.

The Emmy-winning actor was 83. Although family members declined to discuss the cause of death, Falk had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia for many years, his adopted daughter Catherine Falk said.

Back in 2009, a judge settled a dispute between Catherine and Falk's wife, Shera, over conservatorship of the ailing actor.

Falk's biggest claim to fame was his role as a wry, tough-talking TV detective in Colombo, for which he won four Emmys; he was also nominated for numerous Oscars for his film work.

Falk is survived by Shera (his wife of over 30 years) and daughters Catherine and Jackie, whom he adopted with first wife Alyce Mayo.