Costar: Amanda Seyfried is "Obscene" and "Filthy"

Entertainment Mar. 8, 2011 AT 6:28PM
Costar: Amanda Seyfried is "Obscene" and "Filthy" Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Amanda Seyfried has two sides.

According to Red Riding Hood costar Max Irons, the wide-eyed starlet, 25, pulls off a real-life Jeckyl and Hyde.

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"She's crazy," newcomer Irons confessed to at Monday's Hollywood premiere of the flick. "She's got an obscene sense of humor. Filthy, but she's kind and she's got time for you. And the fact that she's been doing it so much longer, more successfully than I have, the fact that she kind of humors me with 'Who are those guys?', 'What do they do?' It's nice."

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Another person she gladly makes time for these days? On-off love Ryan Phillippe, 36. See photos from Amanda's recent dinner date with Ryan.

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The pair, who met at Kate Hudson's Halloween party last October, have stayed tight-lipped about the romance -- until now. In the April issue of Elle, the actress finally confirms they are indeed an item. "I've been 'seen' with him," she coyly admits.

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