Daniel Radcliffe: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Daniel Radcliffe tells Us Weekly 25 thing you might not know about him. Credit: Phillip Massey/WireImage

Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe, 25, tells Us Weekly 25 Things you might not know about him. Catch Radcliffe is the romantic comedy What If, in theaters now.

1. I passed my Spanish GCSE thanks to my accent skills. My grammar was absolute crap.

2. I do a ridiculous dance to Pharrell's "Happy" whenever I hear it.

3. I just started reading Chuck Klosterman's I Wear the Black Hat.

4. I can sing the entire periodic table of elements. I learned it from a video on YouTube.

5. Without any hint of irony whatsoever, I love sci-fi movies like Sharknado, Big Ass Spider!, and Nazis at the Center of the Earth.

6. Cameron Diaz was my first celebrity crush. I had pictures of her and Drew Barrymore taped to my bedroom wall.

7. I love running to punk music, like the Sex Pistols and the Damned.

8. I'm a huge fan of poutine and disco fries. I add bacon because bacon makes everything better.

9. I absolutely f--king hate cockroaches.

10. I will probably see Fifty Shades of Grey. It looks pretty sexy.

11. When I'm in a bookshop and I see a book I don't think I'll ever see again, I have to buy it.

12. I just started learning Japanese. It's super hard, but fascinating.

13. My favorite word so far is tokidoki — it sounds like "okeydokey."

14. Just once, I would like to be able to run a five-minute mile. I'm still a minute and a half off.

15. I don't make a really good meal in the kitchen.

16. I do make a really good phone call for delivery — usually for Ditch Plains' mac 'n' cheese.

17. I'd like to spend time in the American South.

18. I could eat eggs Benedict for breakfast every day.

19. I love sushi and cheeseburgers. I will graciously receive either at any moment in time.

20. I actually enjoy going to the gym. It lets me keep eating my burgers.

21. I usually work out with body weights, but I'm never going to get massive. I'm 5-foot-5 and that would look completely ridiculous.

22. I'm busy working on my 2014 fantasy football draft.

23. I'm able to do weird things with my tongue.

24. Rupert Grint and I were evenly matched at table tennis on the Potter set. I like to think I could take him now.

25. I know a few card tricks, but it's hard to break out, "Anyone want to see a magic trick?" given my former job.