Daniel Radcliffe Jokes About His Historical Look-Alikes: They Are Mainly 'Stern Old Ladies'

But what a handsome lady he is! Daniel Radcliffe joked about resembling historical people during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, June 6.

The Harry Potter star, 26, and Fallon, 41, browsed through grainy black-and-white photos that were originally posted by Reddit users, who claimed that they looked like the star. Some of Radcliffe's look-alikes included a young man who appeared to be going off to war, a long-haired rocker and several, um, mature women.

"There's a lot of people in the past who I look like, it turns out," he said. "What is it about me that I look like so many stern old ladies?"

Radcliffe didn't just offer his amusing commentary, though. At one point, he tried on a towering hairpiece to mimic one of his doppelgängers. Fallon, who found some look-alikes of his own, wore a getup, too.

"You look much cooler," Radcliffe joked of Fallon's stick-on mustache and long wig. "I wish this is how you looked in real life."

Watch the funny video above!

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