Sue Sylvester sings!

Glee's Jane Lynch showed off her vocal chops on Saturday Night Live during her show opening monologue, offering up her idea for the perfect theme song to the mega-hit Fox comedy.

"[My coworkers] said 'no' to a theme song, and I took that as a 'yes.' I took out some sheet music, sharpened some pencils, drank a couple bottles of tequila and blacked out," Lynch joked. "When I came to, I had written a song."

Backed by SNL regular Fred Armisen on guitar, Lynch performed an ode to her  fiesty cheerleading coach character complete with a horn section and backup dancers.

Later, the actress spoofed the song and dance series in a spot-on skit featuring Kenan Thompson as Mercedes, Armisen as Artie, and Andy Samberg as Kurt.


Did Jane Lynch Hit a High Note Hosting SNL?

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Did Jane Lynch Hit a High Note Hosting SNL?