The Muppets take The Bachelorette!

Emily Maynard knows that it's necessary to kiss a few frogs before you can find your prince, and on Monday's episode of the ABC series, she flirted with Hollywood's most famous frog: Kermit.

Taking 13 of her suitors -- Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, Michael, John, Jef, Charlie, Kyle, Chris, Aaron, Stevie and Kalon -- along to perform a variety show in her Charlotte, N.C. hometown on Monday's show, Maynard, 26, donated proceeds from the event to a cause close to her heart: The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at Charlotte's Levine Children's Hospital, named in honor of her late fiance.

After the guys sang, danced and performed their best stand-up comedy routines in a lengthy group date segment, Maynard brought her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki, on stage to sing "The Rainbow Connection" with Kermit.

"Being the Bachelorette, have you met anyone you really like?" Kermit asked Maynard. "There's none as cute as you," she replied. Bantered back Kermit: "Have you ever seen a green frog turn red?"

Later, Maynard's pseudo-flirt fest with Kermit was interrupted by longtime love Miss Piggy, soliciting fake-sounding chuckles from the audience.

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Emily's Bachelorette Group Date With The Muppets: Cute or Cheesy?

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Emily's Bachelorette Group Date With The Muppets: Cute or Cheesy?