Ian in Your Ear: Flo Rida Breaks Records!

Now that it's also the end of the decade, let's not overlook the greatest hip-hop success story of the 00's.

No, fans, I don't mean Em, Fitty, Yeezy or Weezy -- Flo Rida actually now holds the records of the last ten years -- and of all time! His single "Low" off his debut album Mail on Sunday was just named the top-selling song of the digital decade with over 5.2 million downloads sold, per Nielsen Soundscan. And this year’s hit "Right Round" (featuring "Tik Tok" singer Ke$sha on the hook) sits at No. 11 with nearly four million sold.

Flo is also nominated for two Grammys this year (including best rap album and another for adding to Lady Gaga's The Fame disc). So before you going giving out the crowns elsewhere, don't forget to check the South first to see what this hip-hop heavyweight has cooking. I'm told much more to come.

For a refresher, watch Flo's "Low" video above. Can't wait to see what he has in store for the next decade!