Glee Cast: What We Were Like in High School!

Glee Cast: What We Were Like in High School!

They may play glee club misfits, but the cast of Fox's Glee says they weren't exactly like their characters in high school.

"[My character] Quinn is a lot more fun," Dianna Agron, 23, tells in an exclusive video interview. (Watch a clip above.)

"I didn't cheer; I was dancing and in yearbook and musical theater toward the end of school," she says. "I was very non-confrontational, but that hasn't really changed much."

Quips Kevin McHale, 21, who stars in the ensemble musical comedy as wheelchair-bound Artie: "I wore glasses sometimes in high school ... and I walked." "On the show, I played a bad boy but in real life I'm the worst boy!" adds Mark Salling, 27, who plays Puck.

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For more from the Glee cast, check out the video interview above!