Real Housewives' Kelly Bensimon Admits to Hitting Beau

Real Housewives of New York's Kelly Bensimon accepted a deal in New York City court Monday over charges that she smacked her 30-year-old beau.

As part of her deal, Bensimon, 40, had to admit to hitting Nick Stefanov last March -- but didn't have to plead guilty. The assault charge will be dropped against her if she isn't arrested for another year. She'll also serve two days of community service.

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Bensimon was also slapped with a yearlong partial order of protection, meaning she'll face tougher penalties if they have another blowout. "I'm very pleased. Justice was served," the former model -- who said she only hit Stefanov because he wouldn't leave her residence -- told the New York Post after the hearing.  

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"I learned that if a man is in your apartment and he won't leave, that you should do absolutely whatever it takes," she continued. "Bad things happen to good people." Bensimon said she was looking forward to putting the incident behind her.

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"I'm just very grateful" to return to "my awesome career" and "beautiful children. I'm a very lucky woman," she said.