Jennifer Aniston's Horrible Bosses May Get a Sequel

Credit: New Line Productions

Horrible Bosses has grossed $82.6 million domestically since its July 8 debut, and now director Seth Gordon is toying with the idea of reuniting the all-star cast back for a second installment.

"We're talking about it," Gordon tells USA Today.

In the original film, Jennifer Aniston, 42, played a sexually aggressive dentist who harasses one of her male employees (Charlie Day). Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey, 52, portrayed a tyrannical corporate executive who's determined to make his subordinates' lives hell.

The only potential problem? The third boss, Colin Farrell's cocaine-loving, macho-man character Bobby Pellitt was -- spoiler alert! -- gunned down in the first movie. "I feel like it would be a shame not have Bobby Pellitt," Gordon says. "Maybe in some sort of dream sequence."

Adds Farrell, 35: "Bobby Pellitt, kung-fu master extraordinaire. So much fun. I love watching the film because I'm in it for three f**king minutes. It wasn't ruined for me. I could just enjoy it. I can't remember having such fun designing the physical world of a character as I have with that guy, down to the car that he drove, the fact that he loved karaoke. All of it."