Arnold Schwarzenegger Has His Mind Read By Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show: Watch!

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking? That's the question Jimmy Fallon had to answer during a hilarious game of Brainstorm on the Wednesday, June 24 episode of The Tonight Show — and the results had the audience in stitches.

For the game, Fallon and the Terminator star were hooked up to bizarre mind reading headsets which linked the pair's brains, even though they were seated with their backs to each other.

Schwarzenegger, 67, provided Fallon with a list of responses, and it was the show host's challenge to decode the former Governor of California's brain waves to figure out what question he had answered.

"It's complicated," Schwarzenegger started, while his brainwaves transmitted from his headset via a circuit of lights, to Fallon's. After a pause for thought, the former SNL star came up with a question.

"How does Rachel Dolezal describe her ethnicity on Facebook?" the comedian offered.

"I'll be back," continued Schwarzenegger. "What does Chris Christie say after leaving a buffet table," Fallon replied, not skipping a beat.

The jokes came thick and fast, ribbing the action hero on his strong accent, mocking Willie Nelson's smoking habit, and of course, in the end, things then got a little smutty.

"Die Hard," Schwarzenegger gave as his final response. Watch the whole hilarious video in the clip above to find out what Fallon's funny answer was!

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