Jimmy Kimmel Live's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets With Mindy Kaling, Emma Stone, and Julia Roberts: Watch Here!

Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words can never hurt celebrities! Jimmy Kimmel Live aired its seventh segment of "Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets," on Wednesday, May 21, and the results were just as funny as the original. 

A-Listers like Mindy Kaling, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, and Sofia Vergara were all subjected to reading the harsh words, which caused some to burst out laughing and others to jokingly lash out. 

"There are people who think Julia Roberts is hot!? Her gigantic mouth looks like it will devour an elephant in one bite," Roberts read while cracking up. 

Some of the best reactions came from 84-year-old Oscar nominee June Squibb and Game of Thrones hottie Kit Harington

Watch the clip to see what the tweeters had to say and how the celebs reacted!