Kathy Griffin Wears Tyra Banks' Weave

Credit: Michael Loccisano/Warner Bros.


Looks like Kathy Griffin didn't get the memo.

Tyra Banks is taping the entire season of her talk show with her natural hair -- but Griffin donned one of Banks' old weaves for an appearance that airs Sept. 21.

VIDEO: See Kathy Griffin talking about Tyra Banks' weave

"You were supposed to wear real hair!" Banks says.

"I stole this from your room," replies Griffin. "I bet this is, like, $5,000."

Says Banks: "More like $50."

Griffin jokes that she's "very nervous about having to wear my real hair on the show.

"I usually enjoy the magic hair [extensions], as the gays call it," she quips. "I feel naked and like I should make a sex tape as long as I'm naked."