Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel Have the Most Awkward Run-In on the Season 4 Premiere of ‘Southern Charm’

This friendship has seen better days. Former pals Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel have a superawkward run-in with each other on the season 4 premiere of Bravo’s Southern Charm, and Us Weekly has an exclusive first look. Check it out in the clip above!

As fans of the Charleston, South Carolina, reality series are well aware, Clements’ relationship with Ravenel, 54, took a turn for the worse when the retired politician’s ex Kathryn Dennis — with whom he shares daughter Kensington, 3, and son St. Julien, 17 months — suggested that the pair had hooked up.

In the sneak peek for Monday night’s episode, Clements and Ravenel reunite at a backyard party. But judging from their stilted small talk about fishing and polo, things just aren’t the same.

“I can literally hear people whispering behind our backs, and it upsets me because I do miss our friendship and I so miss hanging out,” the brunette beauty laments in a confessional. “And we do have a lot of fun together.”

Despite the gossip, Clements has vehemently insisted that her relationship with T-Rav is strictly platonic. “What annoys me the most is even if I had done something, what’s the big deal? They’re not together,” she tells the camera, referring to her drama with Dennis. “It’s just so frustrating.”

Making matters even more uncomfortable? Clements brings a very handsome male companion named Drew to the laid-back fete, and Ravenel is not impressed with his friend’s possible new love interest. “He does not seem like Landon’s type. Strong of arm … and odor,” he quips to the camera.

To see where Clements and Ravenel stand, watch the preview above. Southern Charm returns for its fourth season on Bravo Monday, April 3, at 9 p.m. ET.

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