Lindsay Lohan's OWN Reality Show Premiere: 5 Best Moments

Lindsay Lohan's tell-all documentary series on Oprah's OWN network premiered on Sunday March 9 Credit: John Lamparski/

Her red hair may be big and full of secrets, but Lindsay Lohan let them all out in the Sunday, March 9 premiere of her docu-series Lindsay on the OWN network. 

The often-troubled actress, 27, opened up her life to Oprah Winfrey and director Amy Rice as she tried to remain sober and create a new life following her sixth rehab stint last year. 

Here were the best moments from the premiere: 

1. Oprah convinces Lindsay not to go to Europe

It's not clear what Oprah thinks happens in Europe, but it is clear that she sees life across the pond as a hot bed of sin and depravity. When she finds out Lohan is heading abroad for a yoga retreat, the talk show host quickly advises the star to forget her excursion. Lohan immediately cancels her trip at Oprah's request. 

2. Lindsay finds "Fetch" T-shirts from Mean Girls

While sifting through her discarded boxes at her mom Dina's house, Lohan happens upon a pile of "Fetch" T-shirts made for the popular catch phrase from the 2004 film Mean Girls

3. Lindsay finds an elaborate ball gown stuffed in a box

While preparing to move from Los Angeles to New York, Lohan finds a giant ball gown shoved inside of a box. The floor-length black embellished gown had no protective covering or packaging.  

4. Lindsay's friend tells her The Canyons will become a "cult classic"

While apartment searching in New York, Lohan's friend Chrissie Miller gushes about the star's  box office flop, The Canyons

"I loved it! I think it's awesome," Miller said of the raunchy indie film costarring porn star James Deen. "You're amazing in it. You looked great. It's different. It's going to be like a cult [film]."

"Cool!" Lohan happily replies. 

5. Lohan's future landlord adds a $10 million insurance fee 

As she struggles to find an apartment in New York, the Freaky Friday star finally finds one she likes. But the landlord adds a $10 million insurance fee to the property. 

"I can't afford that! I'm not Oprah!" she declares. But she does know Oprah, so maybe she can pull a few strings. 

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