Morgan Freeman Inhales Helium From Balloon, Speaks in Squeaky Voice: Watch, Listen Now

Us Weekly (gladly!) interrupts the Kimye-wedding-palooza to bring you the most important video clip of the day—if not the month! Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman is world-famous for his deep, gravitas-steeped voice—but that beautiful baritone gets a squeaky, high-pitched makeover with Freeman's appearance in a promotional clip for Through the Wormhole.

Freeman, 76, serves as host and narrator of the Science Channel series, whose fifth season kicks off soon. In the so-viral-it-hurts clip, the Transcendence actor is at first seen only in shadow as he sucks on a helium-filled balloon and talks about the mystery of gravity.

"In unusual situations, you don't always get what you expect," Freeman intones, Chipmunk-like. "But sometimes, unusual situations lead to new insight."

Watch (and hear!) what happens when Freeman takes another hit of helium!