Wonder what Mr. Eastwood would say?!

Actor Clint Eastwood's wife, Dina, is harboring a big secret, and on Monday's episode of E!'s Mrs. Eastwood & Company, she lets the world know: She's a hoarder. Well, at least according to her daughters Morgan and Francesca.

"You have stuff everywhere -- it's not organized," laments model Francesca, 18, in a preview from the all-new episode.

When Dina -- the manager of South African boy band Overtone -- tries to pawn a dining room full of possessions off as her husband's, her kids decide to stage an intervention. "We're going to go through everything," Dina's stepdaughter Francesca says, enlisting the family's beloved housekeeper Lisa for the cleanup effort.

"But Matt Damon gave this to everyone on the crew," Dina, 46, says, brandishing unused swag from one of Clint's past movie projects. Among her other found treasures: Morgan's old schoolwork and -- perhaps most grisly -- the ashes of old family pets.

Watch the clip above to find out what items cause Francesca to go over the edge -- and give Dina heart palpitations -- in the clip above now.

Mrs. Eastwood & Company airs at a special time Monday at 10 p.m. (EST).