Newcomer Daniel Ahearn's Post-Valentine's Day Lament

First comes love, then comes heartbreak. Hey, nobody said love was easy (as Chris Martin once warned us), certainly not Daniel Ahearn. The singer-songwriter (and dad!) has certainly had his share of breakups before, so for those of you who maybe didn't have the greatest Valentine's Day, he's got something just for you: "I will Let You Go," the haunting first track off his new disc, Long Way Home, and from the recent No. 1 flick No Strings Attached.

As Ahearn explains it, "This song is about the honesty of heartbreak and the ability to love your way through it. It is the first track on my new record Long way home, and I wrote it to help me get through some hazy times in my life.”

Watch the clip above, and for more on Ahearn, hop over to Now isn't that better?

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