Olympic Snowboarder Sent Home After Racy Pics Hit the Web

Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

An Olympic snowboarder has left Vancouver following the Internet release of racy photos of him posing with his bronze medal in a bar.

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Scotty Lago nabbed the bronze for his snowboard half-pipe last Wednesday. On Thursday, he was snapped in a bar lifting up his shirt and wearing his bronze around his waist while a female fan nibbled on it. He also posted another photo of the same female fan biting the bronze. (See the pics on TMZ.com.)

After the pics hit the Web, Lago, 22, apologized to U.S. officials and agreed to leave the games. He was not scheduled to compete again.

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U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association president and CEO Bill Marolt said in a statement Monday, "Scotty Lago is a great athlete, but with that comes a responsibility of proper conduct and his involvement in this situation is not acceptable. Scotty realizes his conduct was inappropriate. He has formally apologized and also made a decision to leave Vancouver today."

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