Paul Feig: Channing Tatum in a Ghostbusters Remake "Would Be Awesome!"

Director Paul Feig is about to start production on his all-female Ghostbusters reboot, but that doesn't mean he's not rooting for Channing Tatum to front a film version that would go head-to-head with his. "I love Channing, and that would be awesome, but I'm focused on [my version], which starts shooting in three weeks," Feig told HuffPost Live on June 1, while promoting his latest release, Spy, with Jason Statham.

Referring to the January announcement that Tatum and Dan Akroyd were being courted by Ivan Reitman for a male-centric reboot of the beloved flick, Feig told HuffPost Live that he was surprised by the announcement. "I knew Ivan and gang want to start this whole Ghostcore thing, which is great, but that was a bit of a surprise. Kind of weird," he said. "That was a leak that nobody had intended to come out."

Despite his support of Tatum's casting, Feig remains hard at work on his girls-only version, and is still making 11th-hour changes to the script. "I don't know why I'm sitting here — I was literally doing a re-write of the script in the [HuffPost Live] dressing room," joked the director. "We have a great script already, but we never stop tweaking."

When the masses get to see Feig's story play out on the big screen, the filmmaker promises fans won't be disappointed — or at least he hopes.

"We want to make this our own and new. I don't want to go near the original [movies]. People are frustrated it's a reboot, but I think that's the better way to do it," Feig insisted. "Hate me if you will."

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