PIC: See Robert Pattinson's Parents!

Credit: NBC

Meet Robert Pattinson's parents!

On Tuesday's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Twilight hunk, 24, gave fans a rare glimpse of his folks, who were seated in the audience.

Leno asked Pattinson if his parents believe everything they read about him.

"It depends on the source," Pattinson said. "I mean, some sources are more reliable than others. I think that the magazines my mom read before I started being in them – the ones she used to buy – she trusts those, but any new ones . . . [he shakes his head no].”

He also explained how his father influenced his career.

"His favorite film is Jaws and that’s pretty much the only film he’s ever seen," he said. "In fact when I first started doing Twilight, he read the script. I sometimes send him scripts to read to see what his opinion is, and with Twilight, he said, ‘Well, I think it’s kind of a mixture between Jaws and Superman.”