Rebecca Black Makes Cameo in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night"

No one knows more about "Fridays" than Rebecca Black!

The 13-year-old was an overnight sensation when her video for "Friday" went viral in March 2011. Now, pop star Katy Perry is enlisting the help of the internet star for her new music video "Last Friday Night."

In a 35-second teaser released by Perry on Tuesday, the "California Gurls" singer plays Katy Beth Terry, her endearingly geeky 13-year-old alter-ego. In one of the video's party scenes, Black makes a cameo as one of Perry's party guests.

Perry is also seen drinking and partying at her house in the video trailer. Things go awry when the she vomits in a roller-skate and she has a wardrobe malfunction, revealing her bare chest.

"Last Friday Night is a total, vapid slut jam!" Perry tweeted on Tuesday.

Watch a sneak peek of "Last Friday Night" above. The full video debuts June 14.