Review | Bad Teacher

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Opens: Friday 6/24

Us Rating: ***

Bravely abandoning all attempts to be likable, Cameron Diaz is ferociously funny -- and dominates this rude comedy -- as a spoiled beauty in need of cash. After her engagement tanks, middle-school teacher Elizabeth schemes to get a boob job, but her salary barely covers one breast. So she embezzles her students' car wash funds and even cozies up to a rich colleague, Scott (Diaz's real-life ex Justin Timberlake). Timberlake clearly relishes acting against type as a tweedy people-pleaser who famously can't carry a tune.

Despite lots of LOL moments, the obligatory gross-out humor doesn't always work. A scene of Elizabeth and Scott dry-humping in a hotel room during a class field trip should be a high point, but the payoff disappoints. Still, give Diaz extra credit for mining her bad self and letting down her guard to prove again that broad comedy is what she does best.