Review | Bridesmaids

Credit: Suzanne Hanover

Opens: Friday 5/13

Us Rating: *** 1/2

This rowdy, witty gem focuses on Annie (Kristen Wiig), a broke single gal who freaks out when her BFF, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), gets engaged. As insecure Annie feebly organizes the bridal shower and bachelorette weekend, she also must steer Lillian's kooky bridesmaids through a hell of petty rivalries and wacky situations.

As early as the engagement party, Annie starts a public battle for Lillian's affections with beautiful, patronizing Helen (an excellent Rose Byrne), leading to mortifying dueling toasts that embarrass the bride. Another hysterical scene: After Annie insists on taking the girls to a funky BBQ joint, they all get gastric distress while trying on fluffy gowns. And watch for raucous sex between Wiig -- who cowrote the flick -- and her selfish friend-with-benefits (Jon Hamm). The comedy's standout supporting cast member? Plus-size Melissa McCarthy (CBS's Mike & Molly), the groom's aggressive, sex-crazed sister. But in the end, it's Wiig -- sharp, vulnerable, angry -- who gets the most giggles. This bridesmaid owns the aisle.