Review | Melissa & Joey

Entertainment Aug. 9, 2010 AT 11:30AM
Review | Melissa & Joey Credit: ABC FAMILY/ERIC MCCANDLESS

Us Rating: * 1/2

Airs: Tuesday 8/17

TV's retro craze continues with this Who's the Boss? rip-off starring '90s sitcom faves Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Brace yourselves as Hart, playing a small-town councilwoman, decides to hire a sexy manny (Lawrence) to help raise her live-in niece and nephew. Hart overacts the part, and, tragically, the fast-talking Lawrence is no Tony Danza. But it's the shoddy writing that really fails them. The premiere's plot -- one of the kids is suspended, and Joey saves the day -- is sappy, stale and laugh-free. (ABC Family, 8 P.M.)


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