Review | Something Borrowed

Credit: David Lee

Opens: Friday 5/6

Us Rating: **

What's a good girl (Ginnifer Goodwin) to do after she beds her BFF (Kate Hudson)'s fiance -- and decides she wants him for herself? That's the premise of this sitcomlike romantic comedy (based on Emily Giffin's book). Goodwin appeals as sweet Rachel, but Hudson overacts as self-centered Darcy, who is so unsympathetic the audience wonders how this friendship has survived since childhood. The story also lags, with several filler scenes, not enough tension and too many flashbacks. As for the lawyer both gals love, Colin Egglesfield's Dex comes off as an earnest, cardboard dreamboat. One redeeming factor: John Krasinski delights as Rachel's best male bud. The comic actor gives a lift to his scenes, including a beach badminton match that exposes some secrets -- and shows how much sharper the movie could have been.