Review | Tia and Tamera

Credit: Jeffrey Thurnher/The Style Network

Air Date: Monday 8/8

Us Rating: **1/2

Tia Mowry (of The Game fame) and her identical twin, Tamera -- costars on the '90s sitcom Sister, Sister -- are doubling up again. This time the stories are unscripted: Bubbly Tia is expecting baby No. 1 with her actor hubby, while perfectionist Tamera is about to wed a TV reporter. While the sibs are intriguingly different in both tastes and temperament, the latter leads to an overabundance of family squabbles. (Tia says Tam is a "stress case"; Tam huffs that Tia is prone to "slacking.") Still, the sisters' overarching desire to support each other outweighs all. (Style, 9 P.M.)