Review | True Blood: Season 2

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Us Rating: ***

The sexy vampire drama got rolling in this sophomore round. Romantics will salivate over the sparks between well-mannered vamp Bill (Stephen Moyer, quietly passionate) and telepathic Sookie (Anna Paquin), as their relationship, unsurprisingly, grows more complicated. But it is eerie vamp king Eric (breakout star Alexander Skarsgard) who really gives viewers something to sink their teeth into when the sullen beast develops a yen for Sookie. Blood can still be redundantly lurid (seriously, how many demon orgies can this creepy Louisiana town handle?). Luckily, it all winds up with pure, escapist chills: There's a major wedding proposal, then the groom-to-be disappears. Extras include cast interviews and
a vampire news show. (HBO Home Video, $60)

--John Griffiths