Review: Cabin in the Woods Is “Fresh and Savvy” Horror Flick

Cabin in the Woods Credit: Lionsgate

Expect the unexpected in Cabin in the Woods!

Between filming Thor and The Avengers, Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth tested his skills in the horror film, Cabin in the Woods, that has finally found its way to the big screen.

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Writer Josh Whedon's fresh and savvy take on the horror genre is tough to accurately detail without entreating into Spoilerville, but here goes:

Five college kids, including a jock (Hemsworth) and his slinky girl-friend (Anna Hutchison), head up to, yes, a cabin in the woods. They rave about being "off the grid," completely unaware that they're being targeted.

That's when the ingenious twists kick in. 

The clever Scream-like tone allows for laughs (really!), gasps and a whole new appreciation for all things scary.

Cabin in the Woods is rated R and opens in theaters Friday. Us Weekly gives the film 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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