‘Saturday Night Live’ Reunites Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Larry David for Faux Presidential Debate

It’s kind of hard to curb our enthusiasm over here. Saturday Night Live reunited Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her Curb Your Enthusiasm costar Larry David in the most unexpected of places on Saturday, April 16: the 2016 Democratic presidential debates.

David, 68, played Bernie Sanders in the night’s cold open, facing off against Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton.

David-as-Sanders introduced himself to the night’s verbal sparring with a characteristically aww-shucks description.

“I am Bernie Sanders, I’m a voice for regular people. I’m not fancy. I’m not the elite,” he said. “I put on my pants just like all of you. I sit on the edge of my bed and Jane pulls them up for me.”

McKinnon-as-Clinton had a slightly different approach. When asked whether she thought the candidates’ campaigns had gotten “meaner” in the last several weeks, she scoffed.

“I don’t have a mean bone in my body,” she said. “Just don’t ask any of those close to me.”

While the two faux candidates’ riffing off one another’s responses to a fake Wolf Blitzer were entertaining, however, it was Louis-Dreyfus’ reprisal of her role as Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes that brought the most laughs.

The ‘90s sitcom star asked David’s Sanders how he planned to break up the big banks, and his response was far from satisfactory.

”Once I’m elected president, I’ll have a nice shvitz in the White House gym. Then I’ll go to the big banks, I’ll sit them down and, yadda yada yada yada, they’ll be broken up!”

Watch the clip above and see how she responded — plus, which other popular ‘90s TV star turned up!

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