Seinfeld Star Shoots Himself, Calls 911 for Help

Credit: MGM

Seinfeld actor Daniel von Bargen is recovering after calling 911 Monday to seek medical help for a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"I've shot myself in the head and I need help," the 61-year-old actor, who played Mr. Kruger on Jerry Seinfeld's sitcom, said in a 911 recording obtained by E! News.

The diabetic actor was reportedly distraught over an upcoming medical procedure that would require the amputation of "at least a few toes."

"I was supposed to go to the hospital today and I didn't want to, so I shot myself but it didn't work," von Bargen said when asked if his head wound -- from a Colt .38 revolver -- was accidental.

Assessed by police and medical personnel at his Cincinnati apartment, von Bargen -- who has also appeared on The West Wing and Malcolm in the Middle -- was transported to Bethesda North Hospital for further treatment.