Snoop Dogg Narrates Footage of Animals in "Plizzanet Earth" Segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Watch Now!

He’s been both a “Doggy Dog” and a “Lion,” and now Snoop Dogg is finally getting in touch with his love of the entire animal kingdom. The “Wiggle” rapper, 42, taped a special segment on the June 30 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live called “Plizzanet Earth.” 

Introducing the new “educational venture,” host Kimmel said it was meant to honor planet Earth and its many inhabitants. 

Cut to Snoop sitting behind a desk with shades and an image of a herd of giraffes behind him. The famed emcee narrated a clip of animals fighting for the show. 

“Looking at rams, and elks, and sh—,” he began. “Is dem rams or billy goats?”

For the rest of Snoop’s commentary, watch the video above!