Spencer Pratt Considers Getting a Vasectomy

Spencer Pratt Considers Getting a Vasectomy

In this exclusive clip of tomorrow's Hills episode (watch above), Spencer Pratt goes to new lengths to avoid having kids with wife Heidi Montag: He considers getting a vasectomy.

He doesn't tell Montag, 22, that he had looked into the "seven-minute procedure," either.

In the end, Pratt, 26, doesn't go through with it.

"I thought it was reversible," he tells Montag. "Once I found out it wasn't, I left the office."

Montag is hardly pleased.

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"You would have gone and done it right then if you thought it was reversible?" she asks in disbelief. "And then you would have come home and told me 'Hi, honey, I snipped my balls off?' I never lie to you!"