Review | Cougar Town


Dear Courteney Cox: You’re officially forgiven for Dirt. The lovable Friends alum returns to her funny-bone roots as Jules, a feisty but insecure real-estate agent who, at 40, must deal with being a divorced mom in babe-filled Florida (for one thing, her elbow looks “like a farm animal,” she stews).

Her solution: Flirt (awkwardly) with a 28-year-old hottie. Buoyed by a sizzling locale and affable supporting characters — highlighted by Dan Byrd as Jules’ embarrassed teen son — this racy confection can get a bit spastic, but it’s ultimately a brazenly funny and perceptive look at a woman in midlife crisis. And a nod here to the perfectly cast Cox, who brings both heart and screwball smarts. (ABC, 9:30 P.M.)