Mad Men or Mad Women?

Peggy Olson and Joan Harris made two very different, radical decisions on Sunday's "The Other Woman" episode of AMC's hit show, Mad Men.

Olson (Elisabeth Moss), who has been unhappy at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for quite some time, decides to quit and accepts a job at competitor Cutler Gleason and Chaough 

When Don Draper (Jon Hamm) asked what number it will take to make her stay, Olson replied, "There is no number." And while fighting back tears, she added, "Don't be a stranger" and walked out.

For Harris (Christina Hendricks) there was a number. The head of the Dealers Association at Jaguar, Herb Rennet, gave the partners an ultimatum: "An evening" with Harris or no deal with Jaguar.

Draper disagreed that the partners even pitch the proposal to Harris, but she agreed (without him knowing) to sleep with Herb in exchange for a 5% stake in the agency. After Harris slept with Herb, the office celebrated getting the Jaguar account.

Tell Us: Whose Mad Men bombshell was more shocking: Peggy or Joan?


Who Had the Bigger Mad Men Bombshell: Peggy or Joan?

Peggy Olson
Joan Harris
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Who Had the Bigger Mad Men Bombshell: Peggy or Joan?