You Must Watch Carly Rae Jepsen’s Japanese Commercial for Moist Diane Brand Shampoo

You Must Watch Carly Rae Jepsen’s Japanese Commercial for Moist Diane Brand Shampoo

She’s big in Japan! Carly Rae Jepsen filmed an incredibly cute, action-packed commercial for a Japanese shampoo brand — and it is everything.

In the ad, the pop star and new face of Moist Diane (yes, that’s the actual name of the shampoo) helps a girl overcome her boy problems as she guides her one step closer to a shinier, thicker mane.

At the beginning of the nearly two-minute clip, the Canadian-born hitmaker, 30, spots a young lady sitting on a bus, sadly gazing out her window as she thinks about her boyfriend, to whom she just said goodbye at the airport.

Wasting no time, Jepsen rushes to the vehicle to whisk the lonely girl back to the airport to reunite her with her love. The new besties are accompanied by a rather talented flash mob dancing to the tune of the singer’s 2015 jam “I Really Like You” as they find their way back.

After making a quick stop at a Moist Diane kiosk inside the airport (because what’s true love without good hair?), Jepsen escorts her gal pal to her beau’s gate. When the couple lock eyes, the music stops and the whole terminal stares at them as they look at each other in silence. The “Call Me Maybe” songstress then whispers into her lovesick friend’s ear, “You need to tell him something.”

The girl obeys, and after voicing (in Japanese) her feelings to her man, the two immediately engage in a steamy make-out session. In a moment of pure ecstasy, the duo literally levitate and continue to kiss. Smiling ear to ear, love doctor Jepsen looks more than pleased with her work as she (and the airport crowd) watches the duo fly high.

Watch Jepsen’s Moist Diane commercial above.

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