5 Steps to Get Kristin Cavallari’s Bikini Bod

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Want to look like Kristin Cavallari in a bikini this summer? While the Hills star, 23, admits she attends Burn 60 classes (she was there over the weekend with Audrina Patridge) "kicks [her] a*s" — she also allows herself to cheat by eating "whatever you want" one day a week. Check out five more quick and effective tips that'll leave you with flat abs and a jiggle-free rear view in time for beach season!

1. Fight Cellulite
If you're battling dimples on your legs and thighs, stock up on foods that can help decrease the appearance of cellulite and boost circulation. Bananas, pears, oily fish (like Salmon) and asparagus help strengthen veins and capillaries and are high in cellulite-fighting minerals and proteins. Read More on MSN: The best bikini workout ever!

2. Ditch the Crunches

If you're trying to lose belly fat and crunches are your weapon of choice, reconsider your arsenal — they don't burn enough calories to decrease belly fat. Exercise physiologist and nutritionist Martica Heaner, Ph.D. emphasizes cardio is the key to trimming your waistline and losing weight all over. Boost your aerobic workout and your body will pull from fat cells all over the body. Callavari tells Us her Burn 60 classes, "leave me dripping in sweat and it kills you, but it works." Read More on MSN: Ways to look great at the beach

3. Bust the Bloat
You've done your time at the gym and stayed true to your diet, but you're still battling a bloated midriff. First up: spit out your gum. Swallowing air as you chew can trap it in your GI tract and result in uncomfortable belly expansion. A high-salt diet and foods like broccoli, onions and cabbage can also create more gas in the intestinal tract. Try eating high-potassium foods like bananas and strawberries to counterbalance the sodium in your system.

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4. Snack Your Way Slim

When you look in the mirror and feel the terror of pool time approaching, you may feel the tendency to go hard-core and cut out all snacks. But frequent low-cal, healthy snacks throughout the day will help you maintain even blood sugar levels and fight those hunger pangs that might send you headlong into a bag of Oreo cookies. A Georgia State University study shows that longer periods of calorie deprivation correlate to higher levels of body fat, so eat something every 3 to 4 hours. Dr. Heaner suggests nutrient-rich options like a handful of raw or non-oil roasted nuts, whole grain toast with peanut butter or fresh fruit. Read more on MSN: 7 foods that help you lose weight

5. Count Calories, Not Carbs
Research shows that those who opt for a low-fat diet over a low-carb diet are more successful in keeping weight off long term. Put simply, when it comes to weight control, how many calories you consume is your overall bottom line. 

— By Jeri Condit, Senior Editor, MSN Health & Fitness, for UsMagazine.com

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